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Generative AI

No-code Enterprise Platform.

INTELLITHING: No-code, drag-and-drop, and modular platform for stacking large language models and components as if they were LEGO® bricks to develop unique generative AI applications.

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Your Data +

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Your personalized Generative AI application

ChatGPT and Large Language Models (LLMs) are fascinating. However,

They are pre-trained on generic publicly available web data, not your private data.

Their knowledge is from generic online sources, not your knowledge.

Their skills cover a wide generic range, not laser focused in your domain for your specific task.

Creating truly powerful applications requires more than just using LLMs alone; the real power emerges when they are combined with other sources of computation or knowledge to unlock their full potential.

This is why we enable large language models to be task-specific, connect to other sources of data, interact with their surroundings, and have a highly customizable knowledge base.

With INTELLITHING, you can build customized applications of Generative AI with no code

Specific to your task, pre-trained in your domain, super charged with your knowledge, connected to your data source, and capable of interacting with your technology stack.

INTELLITHING treats different large language models like LEGO® bricks.

Drag, drop, combine, create, and test different pieces of different models to make an application that works for you.

Conversations are the new way to harmonize with computers and data.

Talk to your technology stack in natural language.

Tap into the full potential of your data by turning them into understandable and actionable conversations.

Develop conversational apps out of your knowledge and skills to make your internal team more productive or to help your end users succeed faster and more efficiently.

Develop customized customer experience (CX) solutions or onboarding applications specifically tailored to your unique business processes.

Develop business intelligence apps to find insights in your data through conversations.

Develop apps that harness the power of natural language instructions to intelligently automate your workflow with seamless precision.

Develop apps to consolidate your documents, FAQ, and other materials and make them accessible through conversations.

Develop HR apps and connect to your workspace software to find hidden insights in the workplace in natural language.

These are only a few examples, the only true limitation is your imagination.

Connect your business to the artificial realm

Building applications using Large Language Models and Generative AI is an expensive, time-consuming process that requires substantial computational resources and a highly experienced technical team. Deployment and long-term maintenance of them can even be more costly and complicated.

Our no-code solution allows you to build multiple different apps specific to your use case with high accuracy and precision without the need for any additional technical team. All for one simple monthly price.

The apps will continuously be monitored and maintained through reinforcement learning and our in-house technologies to ensure high accuracy at all times.

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